Young Opinions on the the Future of Europe poll

Dear Members,

Soon, the Young Ambassadors on the Future of Europe will meet up. They will discuss the opinions of hundreds of delegates and members of the network on what Europe should look like and combine all their ideas into one document. This document will be resented to important figures in the European Union in November.

Would you want to have a say? Do you have strong opinions on Europe and the way it is headed. Do you want to contribute to the message we will be sending to these high-level decision makers? If so, make sure to still fill in the poll on the Future of Europe! We will have the poll running for another 7 days. We would really love and appreciate your input and opinion about priorities and ideas across 8 policy areas. Almost none of the questions in this poll are mandatory, and most of them are multiple choice - we therefore strongly encourage you to complete the survey once you have started it.

You can find the poll here: 

Thank you for your contributions and we appreciate your input.

The Future of Europe team.