Workshop on the Societal Impact of EYP

We are very happy to be able to present the results of the ongoing Impact Assessment of the EYP programme and launch the signup for the workshop on EYP's societal impact the 25th of November at 17.30 CET!

As an organisations that aims to foster active citizenship, it is important for us to see whether taking part in an EYP has any impact on the social awareness and commitment of the participants. In the past two years we have therefore conducted two large-scale evaluations:
- The Impact Assessment based on the results from the past five international sessions of 2018-2019.
- The Evaluation of EYP programme commissioned by our partner, Mercator Foundation, based on the International Session in Hamburg 2019. 

In the upcoming workshop we will present these reports and what societal impact means for the EYP network, as well as discuss the future of impact assessment analysis. The workshop is relevant for all those who find themselves interested, and particularly board members. 

Please register to take part in the workshop by noon the 25th of November: