Training for EYP Trainers (T4ET): Call for Trainees

Dear all,

The call for Trainees of the T4ET is now open!

Trainings for EYP Trainers (T4ET) are an integral element to the development of the organisation, contributing to the personal and professional growth of our active members and ultimately assisting the enhancement of EYPers educational experience, increasing the quality of events and strengthening EYP as a training-based organisation.

The aim of T4ETs is to enable participants to become confident, competent, experienced trainers ready to go out in the network and deliver trainings, spreading their experience from T4ET throughout the rest of the organisation. Training trainers within EYP enhances the organisation’s abilities for capacity building, helps professionalise the broad array of trainings held throughout its National Committees and is essential to passing on knowledge and know-how from the past to future generations

The training is scheduled to take place in Azerbaijan, during 4 - 10 October, with trainees traveling to Baku on the 3rd October. There will be no participation fee for the event. All participants will be provided with 200 EUR travel reimbursement. Food and accommodation during the T4ET will be covered.

Applicants for the position of Trainee are required to fill in the application form before the 1st September  2021, 23h59 CET.

Application Link: