Report on the 88th IS in Rotterdam now out!

The Governing Body is happy to share with you the Report on the 88th IS of the EYP that took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands end of 2018. 

The event was very successful in achieving the objectives expected from an International Session, enabling a high-level experience for delegates, inspiring them to continue in EYP and to become more open-minded, tolerant, active citizens.

The GB and EYP Office, along side the entire network, are grateful to those who made Rotterdam 2018 such a success! Particular thanks go to the Head-Organisers of the event, Constanza Schoute and Yannick Louwerse, who dedicated close to two years of their lives to the event, as well as to EYP the Netherlands for hosting the session. Thank you to the session president, Sophie Scannell, Editors Maria Fedoruk and Jannis Betschki, as well as all their team members! Nothing in this report is meant, nor should be interpreted, as taking away from the immense gratitude the organisation owes them for allowing EYP to continue to exist.    

The Report will shortly be available on the Members' Platform as well, in the IS section. where you can find similar reports and other documents from previous International Sessions. 

Do get in touch with me ( or the Governing Body ( if you have any questions or comments on the report!


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Governing Body | European Youth Parliament

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