New EYP Strategy (2021 - 2025) Proposal

During the past three months and through the means of meetings, network-wide surveys and focus group interviews in the consultation process on the next strategy for our network the Governing Body had the opportunity to get in touch with many National Committees,  volunteers, members and alumni as well as the staff members of our International Office.

Thanks to the great input we received, a dedicated hybrid meeting of the Governing Body, and the support from an external consultancy, it is our pride and excitement to finally publish the fruits of the process, as in the proposal for the ‘EYP Strategy 2021-2025’ today!

There are three important documents: (1) the 'main body document', (2) the 'key result sample' and (3) the 'implementation and institutionalisation concept'. They serve as an addition to our proposal for the upcoming Meeting of the Board of National Committees, namely the agenda item on the topic of debate we suggested in order to foster involvement, ownership and approval from across the network. 

The strategy as outlined in (1) consists of an overall vision for the network, a revised version of our mission, the revisited values of our network as outlined in our charter, as they are heavily connected to the strategy. Lastly, but most importantly, the main document will show you the new pillars of the strategy and what objectives we would like to see realised under them. Each of the objectives comes with so-called key results that give a more concrete idea and measurable benchmark for our efforts. Measures in the form of initiatives will be the foundation of the strategy. A set of exemplary key results can be found in (2) for your understanding. The document (3) serves as an outlook for the next steps and the future of strategic work in the network. Please find more information on this at the end of this text.

Following the discussion and writing process within the Governing Body, we are now looking forward to getting in touch again with the National Committees and with the network as a whole. We would like to announce two opportunities for doing so:

  • We will host an online consultation with National Committee representatives on the proposal on Saturday, 17th of October 5 pm CET. The aim is to explain the rationale behind the new strategy, to gather feedback as well as needs for potential adjustments and ideas for the implementation phase. Please register here by 12:00 CET on the same day, in order to receive the Zoom details in advance:
  • We will organise an online town hall meeting for the whole network hosted on Zoom and Facebook on Monday, 19th of October 7 pm CET. The aim is to raise awareness amongst as many of our members, volunteers and alumni as possible. The success of the strategy will also be dependent on the contribution of many individuals. Here you can find the Facebook event: We have published an announcement on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get those people tuning in for the event. We will create an interactive, informative and instructive environment, so please share the posts inside your National Committees and advertise this very important milestone around you. 

Following the BNC meeting, the strategy process will enter the preparatory phase for the implementation. Together with the numerous stakeholders of the network, we want to finalise the key results that should work as a guideline throughout the first year(s). To trickle down key results into concrete measures, we develop small-scale and hands-on initiatives that can be sponsored by individual National Committees, tandems or groups of National Committees, working groups of the Governing Body and the Board of National Committees, project teams of specific events or activities or individual members, volunteers and alumni across the continent.

To provide a good framework for the content-side of the implementation, we will also use the rest of the term of the current Governing Body to establish an architecture for network-wide strategy collaboration in order to institutionalise the work on the strategy for years to come. Find some first ideas in the document (3) attached.

We are very, very excited to continue working with each and every one of you towards EYP to become even more inclusive, innovative and impactful.