Kortrijk and EYP Belgium to host autumn 2022 International Session

Dear All,


The Governing Body (GB) is delighted to announce that

the 97th International Session of the EYP  will take place in Kortrijk (Belgium),

head organised by Anouck Guillot, Jason Scofferi and Cristian Peca!



Please find attached the GB Selection Report with further information on the selection process and the bid put forward.  


We would like to thank Anouck, Jason, Cristina and EYP Belgium for taking on such an exciting project. 


We congratulate them and express our full trust that, with the IO’s support, they will deliver an extraordinary experience for a new generation of EYPers.


For more information on hosting an IS, you can check out the information on the Member Platform (https://www.members.eyp.org/how-host-international-session). For any questions and ideas you might have about organising such an event, regardless of how preliminary they are, you can get in touch with Ilija from the Office (i.jerkovic@eyp.org).


We would like to encourage National Committees to apply during the next call and stay tuned for more updates!


If you have any questions about the Report or the selection process, please get in touch with me. 


Stay safe and take care,