Improved 2016 List of Trainers

The Training Council is proud to present the improved 2016 List of Trainers.

We see training courses as essential to build competence and share knowledge within EYP. We believe it is important that we create exciting learning and development opportunities for EYPers and we hope that this list is a useful tool for both NCs and trainers to get in touch!

The 2016 List of Trainers will soon be available on the Member Platform to be downloaded as a PDF. It will display trainers grouped by areas of competence, with an indication of their experience.

At this stage, we are opening the call for all those interested and available to train in EYP to fill in the online questionnaire, indicating their areas of expertise and interest. They will then be asked to submit training reports to the Council, for their experience to be assessed.

The survey will stay open and the database regularly updated.

What is it about?

The 2016 List of Trainers aims make finding trainers easier for National Committees, and to allow trainers to clearly state their areas of interest and expertise. In addition to the different competences, the trainers’ level of experience is indicated as follows:
- 0 points: interested and willing to train;
- 1 point: at least 3 days (18 hours) of training;
- 2 points: at least 10 days (60 hours) of training; and
- 3 points: at least 20 days (120 hours) of training.
A full day of training (or 6 hours of training) consists of the trainer submitting evidence for having planned, delivered and evaluated several modules in a training course which lasted for a minimum of 6 hours. The training can be designed and delivered by a team of trainers and take place in the shape of a pre-session training at EYP events, at a national training event or even a training event outside of EYP. Single modules (1-3 hours), can also be counted towards the total number of training hours.

Participation in a Training for Trainers (e.g. T4ET) is no longer a requirement to join the List of Trainers. However, your proof of completion for any training course, in order to be counted towards your total amount of training days, must show your professional approach to training in a training report including e.g. a needs analysis, any training materials and outcomes and an evaluation by participants.

Transition from the previous system: Those already been on the former Pool of Trainers or Senior Trainers’ List will not have to submit training reports once more. Former Pool of Trainers members will be automatically granted 1 point and Senior Trainers 3. They will however need to fill in the online survey to be added to the database and thus mark their availability and interest to train in EYP.

Training reports are to be submitted to using EYP’s Training Report Template. They will also help create a database of useful materials for future trainings, available for the EYP network.