GB Extraordinary elections Results 2016

The GB extraordinary election period has come to an end, as the voting for one seat on the Governing Body of the EYP has closed last night.

We have one new GB member: Isabel Cantalapiedra
Isabel will be replacing Beáta Veisova, who resigned in the middle of her term, and therefore she will hold the position in the GB for one year term,which starts the 1 January and ends 31 December 2017.

In these extraordinary elections 2016, three candidates were running for one vacant seat.

Isabel Cantalapiedra 55% of the votes – elected
Jakob Etzel 42% of the votes
Ilya Kursenko 3% of the votes

Congratulations to Isabel and many thanks also to Jakob and Ilya for their candidacy and their dedication to EYP!

With the end of these elections, the GB for 2017 is completed and Isabel will be joining team of Eric, Jenny, Noura, Anthony, Ioanna and Anne.

For more information about the elections as well as the Election Report visit our GB Elections website GB Election website page