GB elections 2017 | Call for candidates

Dear National Committees, dear EYP members, 

I am happy to open the call for candidates for the Governing Body elections on 20 - 28 November 2017. 


On 31st of December this year, three seats on the GB become vacant, when the term of Lars-Erik Nyborg, Jenny Ross and Isabel Cantalapiedra will come to an end. This autumn, between 20-28 November, our National Committees will elect two new GB members and our EYP members elect one new GB member. There will be a quota in this election, whereby one teacher will have to be elected.

The GB members elected in November will be elected for a term of two years. Their term starts on 1st of January 2018 and ends on 31st of December 2019. The attachments include all the relevant information and further details.

Who is eligible to run? 

There are no eligibility criteria and everyone who wants can run for the Governing Body. Both National Committees and members can nominate candidates or encourage people to run, but these candidates then have to accept the nomination to indicate their willingness to run in the elections. We all wish to see many candidates come forward, to have an interesting and competitive election. We would encourage all of you to approach at least one potential candidate in your NC. 

How to run in the elections? 

To present yourself as a candidate for election, you must send an email to by Sunday, 5 November 2017. All candidates are required to submit a filled in questionnaire and a video. The questionnaire for candidates is attached to this call and also available at the above website page. Videos should be sent as a file or a link to The International Office will upload all videos simultaneously.

Where can I find more information? 

We have put together some background information for both voters and candidates. Have a look at the attached documents!  

- Background information for voters and candidates 

- Questionnaire for candidates 

Please pass on these materials to all your members and to your EYP friends! We will later get back to you with a list of people eligible to vote in your National Committee. Please also note that the campaigning period in these elections is 6 - 19 November 2017 and voting takes place 20 - 28 November. 

Do get in touch if you have any questions, I’m happy to help! 


Looking forward to the elections, yours,