GB Elections 2016 | Results

The GB election period has come to an end, as the voting for three seats on the Governing Body of the EYP has closed last night. We have three new GB members, and below you can find the results:

A. Results of the Election by EYP Members

• Noura Berrouba 36% of the votes – elected
• Anthony McKee
• Ioanna Yiallourides
• Ilya Kursenko

As the winning candidate from the member election is counted first, this one seat goes to Noura Berrouba – congratulations! Anthony was only three votes behind, so the competition for this spot was extremely tight.

B. Results of the Election by National Committees

• Noura Berrouba 34% of the votes – (already elected through the member vote)
• Anthony McKee 32% of the votes – elected
• Ioanna Yiallourides 32% of the votes – elected
• Ilya Kursenko

As Noura is already elected and fills the member election seat, the two seats elected by the National Committees go to Anthony McKee and Ioanna Yiallourides. Both of them got the exact same number of NC votes. Congratulations also to Anthony and Ioanna!

The term on the Governing Body for Noura, Anthony and Ioanna will start on 1 January 2017 and finish two years later at the end of 2018.

In total, there were 2979 registered voters in the member elections and a total of 907 votes were given. Thus 30,5% of the registered voters used their right to vote. 29 out of 37 voting National Committees used their vote, which is a turnout of 78%. Attached and on the GB Election website page you can find some further numbers and interesting facts about the elections.

Many thanks also to Ilya for your candidacy and your dedication to EYP. I hope you will continue your valuable involvement in the organisation and that we will see and hear from you also further on! Thank you also to all National Committees and alumni for having participated actively in the elections!