Full minutes of GB Meeting in December 2016

Although the term of GB 2016 already ended, the final meeting minutes together with the attachments from the GB meeting in December are now available on the Member Platform for you to read.
You can find the minutes in EYP Info > Governance > Governing Body.
The direct link to the meeting minutes (if you are logged in on the Member Platform) is: https://www.members.eyp.org/sites/default/files/minutes_gb_meeting_decem...

The meeting attachments include the approved EYP Planning Budget 2017, as well as two new policy proposals, which I will still send you a separate message about.

GB 2017 will also pick up several of the discussions that were started and had in December at its first meeting next week here in Berlin.

Many thanks once again to GB 2016, and to Sophie, Beata, Ida and Ilya for your work and dedication last year!