Feedback Manual published!

Dear all,

The Training and Alumni Council is thrilled to announce the launch of the much awaited Feedback Manual!

It is a practical course on the use and usefulness of feedback. It can be read as a guide or as a ''refresher'' concerning roles, scripts and mind-sets. Trainers will also find a chapter dedicated to training on feedback.

The Council would like to express its immense gratitude to Chris Tripp, long time EYP alumni, for his commitment to EYP and for his dedication to developing feedback in our organisation. Taking the time to write this guide is greatly appreciated and we hope many EYPers and generations ahead will benefit from it.

Thank you is also due to Fotis Papadogeorgopoulos for layoutting the manual.

The manual is attached to this post and available on the platform in the Feedback and Evaluation section of the Guides page.

We hope you find it useful!