EYP International Strategy: Let us know your thoughts!

Did EYP have an impact on your life? Did it bring you new skills, joy or interesting experiences? Amazing! But of course there are always things that can be improved and the whole network of more than 40 countries across Europe is ever changing. Not least during the global pandemic, we have found new challenges as the EYP network is highly reliant on travel, exchange and in-person communication. While the aspect of online activities is one potential topic for the future of the EYP, there are numerous and countless more: How can we make our events inclusive? How can we become more sustainable? How can we better empower our participants to become active in society? ...

In order to give answers to these questions, our network has an International Strategy. The current one, whose validity period ends in 2020, can be found here. Now, there is a process ongoing for the preparation of a new strategy for the years to come. And here we need your support as volunteers, members and alumni of the EYP to get your input on the past and the future of the EYP! Please fill out the following surveys. 

EYP Pulsecheck: how has it been? https://forms.gle/teiFq3W6w8VJ9F3AA
EYP Future: how should it look like? https://forms.gle/DPxnHNWagnKH99Zp7

Everyone who completes both of the surveys has the chance to win! Once we are able to meet again and have safe in-person gatherings, your contribution could be rewarded with an 100 EUR travel grant to an EYP event that you attend in the future. For this reason, make sure to fill both of the surveys in before the 28th July 2020 23:59 CET and provide your name and email by the end of the form.    

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our international board, the Governing Body via gb@eyp.org