Extraordinary GB Elections 2016 | Call for candidates

For Beáta’s remaining mandate period on the Governing Body, we have to find a replacement GB member. Beáta was elected to the GB for a two year mandate over the calendar years 2016-2017, and with her early resignation, we are now looking for a new candidate for a one year term, 1.1-31.12.2017. Beáta was also elected to the GB on the member vote, and therefore our EYP members have to elect a replacement.

Anyone who is interested in running in the elections can do so! We are now looking for interested candidates to step forward, and also encourage all of you to consider it yourself, or encourage other you know to run.

We need at least two candidates to come forward to ensure a competitive election. This term is shorter than GB terms are usually, so we are also hoping this will make the opportunity attractive!

Candidates will need to submit their candidate manifesto and a short video by Monday 5 December 2016, 23:59 CET to elections@eyp.org.

Please find attached more information as well as the Questionnaire for Candidates. The information will also be available on the GB election page on the EYP website.

Everything you need to know about the elections and how they work is compiled on http://eyp.org/gb-elections/
Please pass on this links and materials to all your members and to your EYP friends! Please also note that voting takes place on 14-19 December 2016.