Evaluation Report for the International Strategy 2016 - 2020 out!

Today we come with a very important piece of work for the network, which is the Evaluation Report for the International Strategy 2016-2020

The report tries to balance an analytical perspective trying to look at key performance indicators of success/failure but also a policy and organisational cross-check for the 2016-2020 International Strategy cycle. In spite of it being, we believe, a pretty complete, yet synthesised, picture of the organisation, we wanted to highlight that an evaluation report should be something started at the beginning of the strategy cycle, establishing key performance indicators for each objective and monitoring these every year, instead of trying to find all of the data and information necessary at the end of the process.

Our main take-away from the report is that evaluation, monitoring and impact analysis should be at the centre when trying to understand our organisation and its development. Hopefully, the next EYP Strategy will monitor its own successes and needs from the very start of its implementation to ensure full understanding of what objectives need greater emphasis and what policies or actions work best towards accomplishing them.

How did we do this report?

We used Census data gathered by the International Office, surveys shared with National Committees and members and volunteers, as well as input compiled from the GB, Councils, the International Office and the BNC Board between 2016-2020 in the form of surveys, reports and other documents. With these, we analysed the progress across time but we were not able to target the extent to which particular measures had been effective at tackling particular issues or address objectives from the strategy.

Moreover, in addition to the final report, we have compiled all of the International Measures put forward by the Governing Bodies during the 2016-2020 cycle. Using GB International Measures Reports, we have been able to track the completion of these measures.

What are the main conclusions of the report?

The general conclusion from this report is that the success has been limited yet positive. As it can be observed in the different chapters of this report, there is great space for improvement in particular areas, but fantastic progress has been reached in other areas such as welfare, alumni and training compared to 2016. The main obstacle has been lack of implementation and completion of planned international measures, which could have allowed for better results in this evaluation, as well as greater communication of the resources created during this five year period available for users, i.e. volunteers, members and NCs, to expand the capacity and impact of EYP to our participants and the outer world.

Concluding remarks

As a wrap-up, we would like to thank the International Office staff, always helpful to provide data and information. Also thank former GB members Marek Navratil, Isa Cantalapiedra Pro, Maria Manolescu and Anya Suprunenko for helping us find the right input and understand International Measures. And finally, thank you very much National Committees, members and volunteers for providing your impressions on how the network has evolved in the last 5 years.

We are very excited to hear your thoughts on the conclusions of the report, as well as any input on how evaluations could be done better in the network. Furthermore, we are very interested in seeing how National Committees that have National Long Term Strategies in place have thought about putting forward an evaluation of their development. Feel free to send us an email with your questions, comments and feedback through gb@eyp.org.