CoVid-19 (Coronavirus) - Guidance for National Committees

Dear members of EYP network, dear NCs,

With a lot of EYP events in the making, and Milano International Session coming up in April, we are closely watching the situation concerning the outbreak of Covid-19 (commonly known as coronavirus) across the globe.

We want to use this opportunity to address your concerns, share our current take, and offer some guidance on issues relevant to NCs: 

  1. Milano International Session
  • At this point, we are proceeding with Milano 2020 preparations as planned.
  • However, as of now, we cannot know how the public health situation across Europe will evolve until May when the IS is supposed to take place. We will closely monitor the status and will keep the participants of Milano IS up to date with any developments on our end. We believe it’s reasonable to expect that the next weeks will bring more clarity on the quality and scope of the epidemic, which will permit us to make a more informed assessment than is possible today.
  • In close coordination with the NOC, it was decided to cancel the CMO training that was scheduled to take place this coming weekend. We are considering the possibility of re-scheduling it to a later date.
  1. General Guidance for EYP events
  • EYP is an organisation largely based on international mobility. As of 11 February 2020, the World Health Organisation discourages changing travel plans and instead advises making sure you practise basic protective measures when travelling. This advice may change as the situation evolves, so make sure you follow the status quo. Official Travel Considerations can be found here
  • National Committees and National Organising Committees should ensure that participants are informed about and practice the basic protection habits. As a general rule, and now more than ever, it is also prudent to ensure that event participants get an abundance of sleep, hydrate and have nutritious meals. 
  • On average, young people do not seem to be at high risk of developing complications, unless they have underlying medical conditions or are immunocompromised. We advise EYPers belonging to higher risk groups or wishing to protect others belonging to higher risk groups, to consult with medical professionals, and ensure they are familiar with international travel safety measures, before taking part in EYP events.
  1. Stay informed, use trustworthy sources
  • Stay aware of the latest information on the COVID-19 outbreak from official and trusted sources such as The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and your national health ministry, practice all basic protective measures as instructed by the WHO, and observe applicable national travel or other restrictions.
  • If NCs want to inform event participants about basic public health protection measures, they should only utilise approved and official sources and not author independent/individual health statements. 
  • In line with WHO guidance, we ask that NCs refrain from taking actions that would in any way promote stigma or discrimination, based on the principles of Article 3 of the International Health Regulations. 
  • Finally, we ask National Committees to refrain from issuing any statements or suggesting any measures that are not grounded in the recommendations issued by the relevant public authorities. 

In case of any questions or insecurities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help.

Best wishes,


on behalf of the International Office and the Governing Body of the EYP