Check out the New Resolution Template presented in the EYP Output Guide

We are excited to present you the New Resolution Template!

The template along the rationale behind it and practical examples can be found in the EYP Output Guide, that encompasses ideas and tips on how to work with the new template. The template was developed by a group of former and future Presidents of the International Sessions and we are very happy that it will be trailed at the upcoming International Session in Milano and was already used at the #Ensemle Franco-German Youth Exchange in November 2020, you can find the resolution booklet here.

EYP resolutions have not changed much since EYP's foundation in 1987, and we are very happy to rethink our main outputs, and to give a new meaning and a way of presentation to the discussions that take place at various sessions. We also believe that the changes will have a positive impact on EYP’s recognition, and its role in active citizenship – as one of the pillars of our current Strategy 2021-2025.

We’d like to invite you to share the EYP Output Guide with the academic teams of your upcoming sessions as our aim is to trial it extensively this year, collect feedback and to reflect if any further changes are needed later in a year. The word version of the template can be found on the Member Platform (“Chairing” section -“Academic” subsection).  

We thank Franziska Maier (President of Laax IS 2016), Niall Murphy (President of Vilnius IS 2018), Sophie Scanell (President of Rotterdam IS 2018), Rebecca Smith (President of Milano IS 2021), Dan Grinevičs (President of Warsaw IS 2021) and Saga Eriksson (was selected to be President of Nicosia IS 2021) for investing their time and energy into the process.

Join the Webinar to hear more!

If you’d like to hear more about the Guide and new resolution format, feel free to join the Webinar on the future of EYP Output with EYP Alumna Franziska Maier on Monday, 19th of April, 18:00-19:00 (CEST), especially we’ll be glad to see as many academic teams of the upcoming sessions as possible. Please register for the webinar via this link.