Call for Video Editors for International Governance Project

The BNC Board opens the Call for 1-2 Video Editors to produce an explanatory video about the international governance level of the EYP, explaining actors and elements such as the Governing Body, the BNC and the BNC Board as well as the International Office. The Video Editors will have a large amount of creative freedom and content-support will be given by the BNC Board as well as the other bodies involved.

This project aims at giving all members of the EYP a basic understanding of our international governance level by producing a video that can be used throughout the next years. The video would ideally be ready before the next BNC Meeting, which is from November 4-6. In the Call, which you can find attached to this news item, you can find all the relevant information. All applicants are asked to thoroughly read the Call before applying.

The deadline for applications is Sunday, the 25th of September, at 23:59 CEST.

If there are any questions about the application process or the project itself, please feel free to approach the BNC Board (