Call for NC to host Summer Academy 2019

We are looking for the next NC to host the fifth EYP Summer Academy in 2019!

The EYP Summer Academy is an international training event gathering representatives from all 40 EYP National Committees aiming to support their work in their National Committees by providing training modules for board members:

  • through training courses run by experienced EYPers, EYP alumni and external trainers;
  • by focussing on the following areas: National Committee Management and Development, Fundraising, PR & Communication and Outreach & Inclusion as major subjects;
  • by actively enabling knowledge sharing by providing appropriate spaces and inviting experienced board members to share their insight;
  • by inviting external trainers to share their knowledge about other organisations;
  • by developing materials and guides that can be used for national training events and board meetings in every National Committee;

After two years in Berlin and a year in Porto, this year the EYP Summer Academy was hosted and organised by the EYP Serbia welcoming over 80 guests from 25 countries. We would therefore like to invite National Committees to come forward for the Summer Academy 2018! The deadline for applications to host this training event on 4th of November 2018, which gives you four weeks to plan and explore the option of hosting Summer Academy.

The International Office has already secured around 70% of the funding for the Summer Academy, so the hosting NC is expected to fundraise for 30% of the funding only!

Please feel free to get in touch with Valeriya anytime before October 29th if you have any questions about the process, or would like to share your ideas and receive feedback.

Please review the call information and submit the application form until 4th of November 2018 to