Call for EYP Task Force Members and Pool of Consultants


The Governing Body of the EYP is excited to launch the call for members to the EYP Task Forces and Pool of Consultants. The GB setting up several Task Forces, as well as a Pool of Consultants throughout 2019, as part of its approach to using members working groups in a more dynamic and needs-based manner.  

Task forces are output-driven groups, set up for the duration of their task only. They offer the opportunity for members to work alongside a GB member on areas of focus and priority for the GB throughout 2019, allowing for an insight into international governance and the possibility to shape policies, strategies and institutional tools and processes.

We are now launching 5 Task Forces, to which we are looking for eager and excited members ready to get to work:

  • Increasing voter turnout in the European Parliament election
  • Developing a knowledge management & transfer strategy
  • Improving the volunteer experience in EYP
  • Updating the EYP competence framework & evaluation forms system
  • Teacher Task Force

We will also soon launch a call for a task force working on the EYP long-term strategy evaluation and new cycle launch.

Find the call attached. To apply, please fill in this questionnaire by the 16th of March. We have also attached promotional pictures that you can use for sharing this call with your members.

The Pool of Consultants gathers experienced EYPers available to offer advice and input upon request to NCs and EYPers within certain areas of expertise. Unlike Councils or Task Forces that carry out their work continuously for the duration of their mandate, the Pool of Consultants is a ‘catalogue’ of individuals those in need can turn to with a request for support. Their work is thus sporadic and dependent on requests.

You can apply as Consultant on the following topics:

  • Events: Crisis management and Organisational management
  • Team leaders: Session president, Session editor, Session head-organiser, Trainers
  • NC Board experience: Conflict management, Board management, Board leadership (motivating board members, supporting their learning experience, allocating roles & responsibilities on the board), Stress and time management, Legal (advising on specific legal questions), Accounting (advising on specific questions), NC fundraising strategies, Communications & PR

Find more information in the call attached. You can apply as consultant on several areas of expertise. The call for consultants will be open on an ongoing basis. To apply in this first round, please fill in this questionnaire by the 3rd of March.

We look forward to receiving many applications!

If you have any questions or comments about the call or system, you can get in touch with the GB ( or Maria (