Call for BNC Working Group members and chairs

The call to join one of our six BNC Working Groups is open until Monday, 6th of June 12:00 CET. Every EYPer is eligible to be part of a working group, with or without BNC experience.

The BNC decided to establish three new working groups, but you may also apply for one of the three existing ones. All Working Group topics are summarised below as well as in the explanatory document. The engagement with Working Group tasks will not be too time-consuming in relation to how the work benefits our organisation, which, considering the topics we have at hand, hold truly influential potential!

What a working group offers you:
- a chance to shape how the EYP works on an international level
- improve EYP Policy which essentially defines what we do in EYP
- work with interested EYPers on one clear project

What you should be willing to invest:
- a critical mindset and ideas on how to potentially solve the task of the Working Group
- time for a couple of skype meetings and 3 - 6 hours to work on a proposal until the next BNC meeting

Application is open until 6th of June 12:00 CET
- via the following form: (see link in this post as well)
- a meaningful but short (max. 150 words) motivation
- an indication whether or not you would like to apply as chair or member of the working group
- a brief summary of your experience relevant for the Working Group topic

Overview of all Working Groups:

Knowledge-sharing in the EYP Family
Aim: The WG is tasked to research and evaluate possibilities to improve Knowledge sharing in the EYP Family. The WG is mandated to propose a non-formal proposal at the next BNC Meeting.

Equality and Equal Treatment
Aim: The WG is tasked to examine and investigate what measures would be most beneficial for the organisation to take with regard to the topic of equality and equal treatment given the preconditions of each National Committee. The WG is mandated to propose an informal or formal solution.

GB Elections and Voter Turnout
Aim: The WG is tasked to analyse the situation and gather information with particular emphasis on identifying the different groups of members which could potentially be part of the GB elections’ member electorate until the upcoming BNC Meeting in Autumn (16-02). The WG is tasked to gather input from NCs on the matter, particularly the member electorate, by the means of a discussion item at the BNC Meeting in Autumn (16-02). The WG is tasked to propose a formal policy solution at the upcoming BNC Meeting in Spring (17-01) with the aim to adopt new policy taking effect at the ordinary GB elections in Autumn 2017.

Evaluation of the Governance Reform
Aim: The WG is tasked to evaluate the methods and structures of our organisation, in order to determine whether the way in which we take decisions ensures a constructive dialogue between international bodies and National committees. Further the WG is to assess the work of the BNC as a co-decision maker and further reflects on the way the BNC should work in-between meetings. The umbrella theme of the WG is the evaluation of the governance reform that took place 2012/2013.

National Committee Coordination of International Delegates
Aim: The WG is tasked to re-evaluate the situation of national committee coordination of international delegates and propose either a formal or a non-formal solution to solve the problem of insufficient International Delegates coordination.

Organising Framework - Systematically improving organisational standards
Aim: The WG is tasked to elaborate details for an institutional framework that allows for systematic improvement of the organisation of sessions with international participants. The WG is mandated to propose a non-formal or formal proposal at the next BNC Meeting.

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