Call for 2 NCs to join the Understanding Europe Network

The European Youth Parliament and the Understanding Europe Network are calling for two new EYP National Committees to join the Understanding Europe Network for at least two years. 

The transnational Educational Network Understanding Europe empowers young people in Europe by means of democratic citizenship education and seeks to give them a voice. To this end, it promotes and advises on educational projects run by young people, who are committed to civic participation and a democratic, diverse, and open-minded Europe. 

An Understanding Europe NC is an EYP NC that participates in the Understanding Europe Network, organising activities and contributing to facilitating democratic citizenship education by and for young people. The work of the NC in Understanding Europe is driven by a Coordinator, who implements and runs the project in their national context. EYP NCs can apply without having a Coordinator, or can already appoint a Coordinator to apply on their behalf. If you are not part of your NC Board but would be interested in applying as a Coordinator, please reach out to your NC Board to discuss whether you could apply on their behalf.  

Understanding Europe’s Educational Network is currently active in 10 European countries, inside as well as outside of the EU’s borders: Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Ukraine. In 9 of these countries, it is run by EYPers, connecting the educational work in schools closely to EYP activities and strategy. 

Through Understanding Europe courses, NCs can bring the EYP to new students and schools who may be interested in taking part, potentially becoming a successful outreach tool. Understanding Europe NCs can also offer new opportunities for facilitation and peer education to their members who would like to become Understanding Europe trainers. With both programmes targeting young people through non-formal education, there are endless opportunities for cooperation between Understanding Europe and EYP! 

You can read more in the call attached to this article. 

To apply, please fill out this form

We will hold an explanatory meeting between representatives of the Understanding Europe Network and the EYP International Office on August 4th at 16.00 until 17.00 CEST. Feel free to join us digitally to learn more. The details can be found in the call, and the direct link is on the right side of this page.

The deadline for applications is end of day (CEST) on August 9th. The selection will be carried out shortly thereafter, and you should expect to hear from us by the end of August.