Anya Suprunenko hired as new Project Manager

Anya Suprunenko has been hired as Project Manager for International Sessions and the EYP International Office. She will join the team on 20 June 2016 and replace our current Project Manager Stefan Vandenhende.

Anya is an Ukrainian EYPer, former president of EYP Ukraine, head organiser of ASK International Forum, and is currently serving on the Governing Body. She is living in Berlin, graduating the Hertie School of Governance in a few weeks with a masters’ degree in Public Policy.

After a competitive recruitment process, we are very happy to have Anya join our office team!

Unfortunately, due to her future employment at the EYP International Office, Anya will also resign her seat on the Governing Body in June. In the early GB elections, National Committees will thus elect two new GB members, to replace both Hans and Anya.