EYP Serbia

European Youth Parliament Serbia (EYP) was founded in 2006 as part of the network of non-profit NGOs in Europe. All the members are either high school or university students bellow the age of 25.

EYP Serbia is successfully sending delegations to the International Sessions since its foundation; delegates are chosen according to their English skills, ability to work in teams and knowledge about current issues at a National Selection Conference, which simulates International Session in a shorter time frame. National Selection Conferences take place once a year with a strong international officials’ participation. So far we worked with around 25 high schools in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad and the surrounding, and provided opportunities for little over 2000 high school students to join the organisation. Also, since last year, Outreach Weekends have been introduced to help delegates outside of the three regional offices grasp concepts of team work, debate and public speaking, as well as ensure the quality of their performance at national and other session.

EYP Serbia is governed by the Board, consisted of 7 experienced members, the President, General Secretary, International Coordinator, Human Resources and Regional Development, Fundraising, Communications and Project Coordinator. In addition, 3 Local Coordinators from Belgrade, Niš and Novi Sad have a significant role in decision making process and activities. Their activities are democratic and transparent, and all the members of EYP Serbia receive a monthly Newsletter.

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) Serbia actively engages young people directly at the high school level. Hence, smaller sessions are organised at schools using the EYP’s approach for the discussion and debate of European topics:

  • to provide an opportunity to discuss and debate European issues and encourage students to discuss political questions and articulate their own opinions;
  • to provide a possibility to deepen one’s knowledge of the issues in question;
  • to make students aware of the EYP and to provide them with a chance to participate in future international events of the EYP of a longer duration.

We have organised:
- 14 Alumni Trainings and numerous other trainings;
- 9 Outreach weekends;
- 49 Regional Sessions;
- 13 National Conferences;
- 4 International Forums;
- 1 Summer Academy.

For any additional information please contact us at eypserbia@gmail.com.


19th Regional Session of EYP Serbia

21/03/2014 to 22/03/2014

European Youth Parliament Serbia is delighted to
announce the 19th Regional Session of EYP Serbia, which will be held in
Belgrade, on 22nd and 23rd March. It’s a part of 5 Regional Sessions of EYP


Belgrade 2014 - The 7th National Selection Conference of EYP Serbia

02/07/2014 to 06/07/2014

Belgrade 2014, the 7th National Selection Conference of the European
Youth Parliament Serbia will be held in Belgrade, the capital city of
the Republic of Serbia, from July 2nd to 6th, 2014.

During the


20th Regional Session of EYP Serbia

11/04/2014 to 12/04/2014

European Youth Parliament Serbia is delighted to announce the 20th Regional Session of EYP Serbia, which will be held in Nis, on 12th and 13th April. It's a part of 5 Regional Sessions of EYP Serbia this spring, which will be held except of Nis in Novi Sad, Kragujevac and two in Belgrade.


2nd Danube Youth Forum

11/08/2013 to 17/08/2013

Last year, Danube Youth Forum was organised as a part of 9th May celebrations - the Day of Europe, from 5th -9th May 2012. The city of Novi Sad was chosen to host this very important event, as the city that lies on Danube and whose history was often related with Danube River.