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EYP Portugal (or Associação Portuguesa - P.E.J., in Portuguese) is the National Representative of the European Youth Parliament in Portugal.

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PEJ - Portugal

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Registrations for delegates for Tampere 2015 - 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament are now open! If you have participated in an International Session in the past eighteen months, you can sign up for the event on the EYP's Alumni Platform until 12:00 CET on 8th of April.
Not sure if you are eligible to sign up? Please mail info@eyp.org.


Guimarães 2015 - Inter-Regional Forum of EYP Portugal

13/03/2015 to 15/03/2015

This new event of EYP Portugal will be head-organised by Ms. Mafalda Rodrigues and Mr. Miguel Paiva and EYP PT is thrilled to have Ms. Anna Borrell as the President of
the Inter-Regional Forum - Guimarães 2015. Anna is a spanish EYPer with a


Porto 2015 - Academic Forum of EYP Portugal

20/02/2015 to 22/02/2015

This Forum will be head-organised by Ms. Rita Ferreira and Mr. Bruno Moreira and EYP Portugal is honoured to have it presided by Mr. Mathieu Lohr, who was kind enough to give some words on this Forum:


Lisboa 2015 - 32nd National Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

15/04/2015 to 19/04/2015

EYP Portugal is thrilled to annouce that its 32nd National Selection Conference will be held in Lisbon, the inspiring capital of Portugal.


IV EYP County Session of Matosinhos


The Matosinhos tradition of having the only County Session of Portugal, will be continued by the 2014 Session, held on 9th May 2014, which will have 5 delegations representing the schools of the city, containing 40 delegates.


VIII EYP School Selection Conference - Padrão da Légua


Continuing with our tradition of EYP@School Session, EYP Portugal brings you Padrão da Légua’s 8th EYP at School Session.


Braga 2014 - 31st National Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

05/11/2014 to 09/11/2014

Got any plans for November? Well this might be the beginning of one...!
EYP Portugal is proud to announce  its 31st National Selection Conference - Braga 2014, which will be head-organised by Henrique Vieira Mendes and Rita Ferreira and presided by Mr. Christian Macht!


Abrantes 2014 – 30th National Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

24/04/2014 to 27/04/2014


Abrantes 2014 – 30th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament Portugal will take place right at the centre of Portugal (in the city of Abrantes), from Thursday, the 24th to Sunday, the 27th of April, 2014.



29th National Selection Conference of EYP Portugal

16/10/2013 to 20/10/2013

The 29th National Selection Conference will bring EYP Portugal's NSC back to Matosinhos, from the 16th to the 20th of October, 2013.

This session will be presided by Mr. Krzysztof Ignaciuk (PL) and head-organised by our lovely Margarida Pereira and João Moreira.