EYP Germany

The European Youth Parliament in Germany on the one hand has been organising an annual school competition, the “National Selection Process”, since 1990. Over 400 pupils from more than 70 schools across Germany take part in the first round of our national selection. Individually selected participants as well as 30 schools continue to the second round – the two "Regional Selection Conferences" we are organising. Each of this sessions select individual participants and delegations to take part in the “National Selection Conference”. In the course of this final conference, culminating in a parliamentary debate, a prominent jury selects four individual delegates and two delegations to represent Germany at the International Sessions of the European Youth Parliament. On the other hand, we give pupils the opportunity to take part in our “International Forums”. Up to 150 young people from all over Europe or from specific regions within Europe gather at these forums to discuss current European issues. Unlike the National Selection procedure, International Forums do not require a selection and thus lack the stress of competition. Besides our Sessions since 2010 we have an extraordinary programme called "EYP@School" conducting small two-day in-school events for about 60-80 pupils organised to bring the EYP close to the participants, especially reaching out to those who would not be able to attend one of our regular events.


1st Pupil's Forum of EYP Germany

27/01/2010 to 29/01/2010

The First Pupils Forum of the EYP Germany took place in Schwerin from the 28th until the 29th of January  2010.