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With the start of this new week we have a surprise for you. Our newly styled and updated alumni profile is now online. Complete with custom user profiles and lots of other goodies!

Check it out and register now at http://eyp-europolis.be/alumni

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The organisers for our national sessions have been selected and we can now announce the complete organising teams for Brussels 2015 and both Europolis-sessions!

- Dries Verbeeck & Kamiel Peeters (Head Organisers)
- Irem Akmese
- Joachim Cieters
- Jan De Peuter
- Olivier Lanoo
- Mari Sewell
- Sam Van Hoof
- Cécile Van Roeyen
- Merel Vereecken

- Liesbeth Claes & Marlies Derden (Head Organisers)
- Pauline Menten
- Robert Pretorius
- Michelle Vervaecke

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Parlement Européen des Jeunes - France

6 years ago, on facebook
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The organizing team of the 37th National Session in Rennes, France, has created a video to participate in a contest, hoping to win 2 000€ for organizing the session. In order for the video to be selected, we need as many likes as possible, and we are counting on your help for that!

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We are incredibly pleased to tell you that Janne Vanhemmens will be organising the 2015 summer T4ET in Belgium!

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EYP Training

6 years ago, on facebook

We are thrilled to share that in 2015 we will have not one T4ET, but two: a summer T4ET in Belgium and an autumn one in Portugal!

Organising two T4ETs and especially at different times will offer the chance to attend to more alumni. The call for participants will soon follow!

Congratulations and thanks go to EYP-Europolis Belgium and EYP PEJ - Portugal


Training on EU funding for EYP 2014-2020

28/11/2013 to 01/12/2013

2014 marks the beginning of the new EU Programme Erasmus+, which will bundle the EU’s education and youth programmes, including Youth in Action.


EYP-Europolis Belgium Journalist Training

18/10/2013 to 19/10/2013

Journalist training organised by EYP-Europolis Belgium on 19 and 20 October 2013.


Europolis II 2014

20/03/2014 to 21/03/2014

On the 20th and 21st of March  2014 around 120 delegates from all over Belgium, selected out of 700 candidates, will take part in Europolis II.


Europolis I 2014

12/03/2014 to 13/03/2014

On the 13th and 14th of March  2014 around 120 delegates from all over Belgium, selected out of 700 candidates, will take part in Europolis I.