YAS Belgrade - 1st Youth Academy on Sustainability

07/10/2021 to 10/10/2021 
in Serbia

Reinventing through sustainability

European Youth Parliament Serbia will organise the first-ever Youth Academy on Sustainability (YAS) in Belgrade from 6th to 10th of October 2021, as a part of a three year Power Shifts Cycle. The event will be Head Organised by Nina Zukanović (RS) and Presided by Anastasia Ntracha (GR).

Worried by the lack of awareness and action amongst the youth in Serbia regarding the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN in the Agenda 2030, as well as the lack of sustainability and repetitiveness when it comes to events organised by the European Youth Parliament in general, we came to an idea of creating an event that would combine our love for EYP and our dedication to being the change we want to see in the world and taking action. 

While combining well-known session concept elements with a bigger focus on training aspects of the event, we strive to create a platform that would highlight and implement our umbrella topic “Reinventing through sustainability” through every part of our program. Over 100 participants and young leaders from all over Europe, both with and without previous experience with our organisation, will have the opportunity to discuss topics based on SDGs and find practical solutions in the form of the project proposals, that can, later on, be implemented by our participants in their NGOs, but also in their everyday life.

*DISCLAIMER* Since YAS is scheduled for the beginning of December 2020 and the situation with COVID 19 is still uncertain in Europe for that time period, there is a contingency plan to postpone YAS for 2021 in case the event is unsafe to hold during the planned dates that will be further discussed once the whole leadership is selected.

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