Wrocław Regional Selection Conference of EYP Poland 2019

07/03/2019 to 10/03/2019 
in Poland

Include, develop and defeat: fighting our way towards progress

Late winter and spring of 2019 EYP Poland is organising its third round of Regional Selection Conferences that have been an exceptional and excellent opportunity for youth engagement, personal development and reflection on societal issues and intercultural dialogue.

Wrocław Regional Selection Conference of EYP Poland is continuing this amazing journey by welcoming over 100 participants coming from all over Europe in one of the biggest and most influential Polish cities located in the southwest of Poland - Wrocław between 8th of March 2019 - 10th of March 2019 (7th of March 2019 - 10th of March 2019 for the Officials). The Delegates not only will be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge on political and social issues of the utmost importance, but also discover the underlying importance of international cooperation and understand ubiquitous cultures. The Conference exceeds far beyond modeling. The Delegates will be evaluated and invited to attend Trójmiasto 2019 - 16th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland taking place in late summer of 2019.

The Head Organisers of the session are Ms. Beata Świątek (PL) and Ms. Zuzanna Łężna (PL). The session will be presided by Ms. Dilge İmer (TR). More information about the session and about the calls for individual team members will soon become available! Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the Head Organisers wroclaw@eyppoland.com or Board Member for Project Management Antoni Tomkowiak a.tomkowiak@eyppoland.com.

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“Shaping Europe: The Era of the Individual”

Have you ever considered that certain individuals have had a big influence on current problems in the EU? How does an opinion or believe influence a situation? Through exploring the committee’s topics by presenting you with several persons involved in the problem, the media team of Poznan 2018 has tried to introduce you to the several perspectives of each topic.

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With a week and a half left until our last Regional of the year, we are a bit sad, but also very excited to present to you the last (but not least) team of Poznań, the Jury Team!

Head of Jury:
Kimberly van der Laan

Jury Members:
Alicja Turakiewicz
Chris van Dijk

We wish them luck in being able to evaluate the delegates of the session in the best way possible!

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Tonight, we are thrilled to present to you another team of Poznań 2018 and the penultimate we will present this year, the Media Team!

Suzanne Caris (NL)

Editorial Assistant:
Jan Franciszek Adamski (PL)

Media Team Members:
Iga Adamska (PL)
Piotr Najda (PL)
Klaudia Bogusz (PL)
Matilda Frykman-Krans (SE)
Bartosz Maćkowiack (PL)
Mikołaj Szczerba (PL)

We wish them a lot of inspiration and joy that they can further transmit to the participants!

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Next up, we present to you those who will be leading the committees and overseeing the work of delegates - the Chairs Team of Poznań 2018!

Tim Keegstra (NL)

Dilge İmer (TR)
Justyn Brockmeyer (DE)

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We are excited to introduce the last, but equally precious Organising Team of the Regionals of EYP Poland 2018. The Organising Team of Poznań 2018!

Head Organisers:
Antoni Tomkowiak
Jakub Czajka

Julia Wrońska
Patrycja Furmaniuk
Jegor Zajarniuk
Inez Brogowska
Agnieszka Sieczek
Jakub Woźniak
Julia Waligóra
Wojciech Gazarian
Jan Bylicki

We are confident that their motivation to work hard and smile on their faces will be the foundation of a well organised and enjoyable session! Good luck!

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We finally launched the page of our biggest event this year, taking place after our Regionals! The 15th National Selection Conference of EYP Poland!! Go and give us a like! Some exciting news are already there and more coming up very soon!

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Supporting youth events which create an opportunity for youngsters to develop themselves is a chance to build a better future; therefore, Rzeszów 2018 wants to show its appreciation to each supporter of the session and hopes for further cooperation in other similar events!

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Someone's thirsty? Definitely not the delegates of Rzeszów 2018 - thanks to our sponsors Tymbark!

Thank you for all the delicious drinks!
Photos by: Piotr Najda and Nicholas Sourkounis.

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The participants of Rzeszów 2018 throughout the session were filled with joy and energy thanks to our lovely sponsors Moreso!

Thank you for all the delicious snacks!
Photos by: Piotr Najda

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Exactly one week ago the great adventure of Rzeszów 2018 was officially closed.
Bring back the memories and see - how did it go!

Farewell video produced by the Media team of Rzeszów 2018.
Created by Ausma Cīrulniece.