Weilburg 2014 I Regional Selection Conference of EYP Germany

13/02/2014 to 16/02/2014 

“For more than twenty years, the European Youth Parliament in Germany (EYP) has been offering young people a chance to reflect on questions of societal importance, to develop visions for a future Europe and to discuss these with others.
The best 27 schoo

The Regional Selection Conference in Weilburg marks the beginning of the 24th nationwide
school competition of the European Youth Parliament in Germany.

During the four days of the session more than 150 participants will come
together at a place of diversity in the heart of Europeto analyse and discuss various aspects of the session topic
“European Integration – Which way will the European Union go?”

Regional Selection Conference will include delegations of seven pupils
from nine different grammar schools as well as nine individuals and three foreign
delegations.The best delegations of each Regional Selection Conference
will be selected to participate in the National Selection Conference of
EYP Germany.

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