Ventspils'19 - 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia

12/08/2019 to 19/08/2019 
in Latvia

Healthy Europe: Growth Through Understanding

This year, we have chosen Ventspils as the location for the 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia. The session will take place from the 12th of August until the 19th of August, 2019. It will gather around 200 participants from different European countries.

The main theme of the session will be “Healthy Europe: Growth Through Understanding”. We want to raise awareness of topics that are often forgotten in EYP. Therefore, we also believe that the free spirit of the city of Ventspils and the beautiful seashore perfectly reflect this theme.

The session is Head-organised by Agnese Rekšņa and Zane Grēta Grants, members of EYP Latvia and Latvian Youth Organisation "Tellus".

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For everyone who has been a part of an EYP event, EYP has many different meanings from new friends to stepping out of your comfort zone. As media team members of the 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia, we decided that these meaning are best comprehended when they are represented physically. So, for EYP newcomers to better understand the positively unique atmosphere of EYP, we created a place for them to express what EYP means to them both verbally and physically by posting via post-its on a wall.

Created by; Alise Alma Grota (LV) & Ali Ada Kilic (TR)

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With the start of the session we welcome the team who will be responsible for the creative output of Ventspils'19 and who will capture both the memories of officials and delegates.

Ričards Zalmezs from Latvia
Hana Vicherková from the Czech Republic

Editorial assistant:
Anna Gurariy from the Czech Republic

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Unlike the brand new concert hall "Latvia", another venue of Ventspils'19, the Castle of the Livonian Order, which houses Ventspils Museum since September 2001, is the oldest preserved building in Ventspils, built in the second half of the 13th century. The castle was built as a convent-house type building with an inner yard, and can be regarded as the oldest medieval fortress in Latvia to have retained its original form virtually unchanged.

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On this lovely Monday, a week before the start of the session we are happy to announce the jury team of Ventspils'19! These five outstanding people will be looking closely at the work the delegates are putting in and selecting them for future sessions.

Head of Jury:
Dorothea Weber from Germany

Elodie Estier Dos Santos from Switzerland
Dana Kristiāna Skrupska from Latvia
Kevin Boland from Ireland
Marts Ivaskis from Latvia

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As the session nears, the time to reveal all of the teams of Ventspils'19 has also come! Without further ado here are the 12 brilliant people, who will be working the closest with the delegates and guiding them through their academic journey.