Ventspils'19 - 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia

12/08/2019 to 19/08/2019 
in Latvia

Healthy Europe: Growth Through Understanding

This year, we have chosen Ventspils as the location for the 17th National Selection Conference of EYP Latvia. The session will take place from the 12th of August until the 19th of August, 2019. It will gather around 200 participants from different European countries.

The main theme of the session will be “Healthy Europe: Growth Through Understanding”. We want to raise awareness of topics that are often forgotten in EYP. Therefore, we also believe that the free spirit of the city of Ventspils and the beautiful seashore perfectly reflect this theme.

The session is Head-organised by Agnese Rekšņa and Zane Grēta Grants, members of EYP Latvia and Latvian Youth Organisation "Tellus".

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“Pitch black”

Sometimes in our lives, we face difficult and unexpected questions and we realize that there is no right way to answer those questions. Everybody is different and that is the greatest strength we have which is why Ventspils’19 media team wanted to challenge our participants to share their thoughts on a very abstract idea.

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While everybody is still feeling nostalgic about Ventspils'19, we would finally like to present to you the team who made it all happen. Last but definitely not least here are the 11 people who did everything from finding venues for the evening events to making sandwiches while listening to Tokyo Drift!

Agnese Rekšņa
Zane Greta Grants

Inese Sniedze Sjomkāne
Katrīna Seimane
Anna Luīze Baratinska
Nameda Zelle
Loreta Pavloviča
Linda Guka
Roberts Ulpe
Edvards Valickis
Uga Kalendris

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Profile Pictures

Taken and edited by Dominika Strzelecka

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Time of reflection

"It's been a time of reflection, it's been a time of laughter, it's been a time of joy"
- Iga, chairperson

This video is a peculiar diary of Iga, the chairperson and Nils, the delegate. During busy days they shared their thoughts and refrains about how they lived throughout LNC'19.

Created by; Dominika Strzelecka (PL)

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Ventspils'19 Publication

We, the media team, created this issue for all of you to find out what LNC’19 has meant for you. And once you have figured it out, for you to be able to look back and remember every funny, whimsical, and inspiring moment of your 6 days in a small town called Ventspils with 100 strangers. Enjoy…

Edited by: Ali Ada Kılıç (TR)
Projects by: Anita Markov (FIN), Oskars Francis Barzdins (LV), Dominika Strzelecka (PL), Alise Alma Grota (LV)

Photographs by: The Media Team of Ventspils’19

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“the reminder”

For almost everyone who has been part of an EYP session, there has been a time where they focused on academics to an extent that they were not able to enjoy the present. We forget that EYP is an experience, a journey of discomfort and growth, and a pursuit of making new friends. As a person who has always tried to see the big picture, enjoy the moment, and not get blinded by the overwhelming nature of work and material things, I wanted to remind both the delegates and officials of Ventspils’19 to focus on the present and enjoy every moment.