Vejle 2020 - 4th National Session of EYP Denmark

13/02/2020 to 15/02/2020 

A Unified Europe

From 13th to 15th of February, 120 young Europeans will gather in Vejle to discuss current problems under the theme "A Unified Europe".

Social cohesion is a society that works towards creating a sense of belonging within its citizens. In order to achieve a world that can be defined as cohesive, we need to be able to unite Europeans across borders despite their differences.

A division in Europe has created a partition between citizens and states, and with a rising of Euroscepticism, it is our duty to once again create a shared European identity. However, there are obstacles as well. With Britain negotiating their exit of the EU and other non-Member States fighting to get access, it can be hard for Europeans to conclude whether or not this shared identity is something worth fighting for. We want to change that. Vejle 2020 - 4th National Session of EYP Denmark will strive to solve this problem by facilitating creative and innovative thinking of the young, determined Europeans destined to be the forefront of our European future.

- Anne Seeneha Henriksen & Christian Fuglsang Pedersen, Head Organisers of Vejle 2020

All officials are expected to arrive the 12th of February for CJO-day and Organisers are expected to arrive the 11th of February for Orga-day.

The session is Presided by Kevin Boland (IE), Edited by Jarna Pahlberg (FI) and the Head of Jury will be Andra Radu (RO)  

Call for Chairs and VPs : The Presidents Vision

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