Valencia 2019 – 90th International Session of the European Youth Parliament

27/07/2019 to 04/08/2019 
in Spain

Sailing towards new horizons

The 90th International Session took place in Valencia, in summer 2019, and both its geographical location and academic theme made the network look forward to the session. Being the third largest Spanish city – after Madrid and Barcelona– Valencia makes for a great experience: it combines both urban and seaside environments which will caters perfectly for a Summer International Session.

Inspired by Horizon 2020

The Valencia 2019 events bears the theme ‘Sailing towards New Horizons’ which refers to the Horizon 2020 programme, which is one of the largest financial frameworks undertaken by the European Union for research and innovation, aiming at developing further sustainability and inclusivity of the job market and economic growth. Horizon 2020 also strives to ease the cooperation between public and private sectors in delivering innovation.

The timing of Valencia 2019 is set one year before the programme’s ending, allowing future participants to monitor and evaluate the programme which will be close to its finishing line. Furthermore, building on Horizon 2020, Valencia 2019 will especially enable participants to reflect on a long-term and continuing strategy for both sustainable innovation and growth.

Young volunteers behind the project

EYP events are run by young people completely on a voluntary basis. The three project managers for Valencia 2019, Aritz and Maria, met in 2014 during the National Selection Conference of EYP Spain in… Valencia! As they describe it: “To us, organising this International Session is a way of giving back to EYP, in the same city where it all started for our engagement.”

Their enthusiasm was certainly demonstrated by their strong candidature for hosting the network’s flagship event; moreover, they explain that their motivation doesn’t stem from one source, but many. “Our core team, together with the expectation of reaching out to Europe’s youth, is our driving force.”

Five years since last International Session in Spain

The news mark a formidable step in the development of the national committee of EYP Spain, just five years after it hosted the 74th International Session in Barcelona. Rafa González Graciani, President of EYP Spain says: “Valencia 2019 will be without a shadow of a doubt, not only a landmark for the NC, but for the whole network. Valencia, being a forever growing city with a unique young, Mediterranean, multicultural, and cosmopolitan nature is the best scenario possible to host one of the biggest youth events in Spain during 2019. Taking Barcelona 2014 IS as a reference, almost 30 members from different generations (2011  - 2018) of EYP Spain have been working since April 2017 to create a dynamic, innovative and singular event that will demonstrate that borders are not insurmountable walls and that cultural exchange and dialogue between European citizens is an extraordinary opportunity both at a personal and collective level. La Familia is waiting for you with open arms, are you ready for Valencia 2019?”

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#SomCultura | #WeAreCulture


❤️ Did your receive a mocaorà? Yesterday was the Day of the Valencian Community, but also Saint Dionís, the patron for those valencian in love, the local equivalent to St. Valentines Day.

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#SomHistòria | #WeAreHistory


💥 Today is a very special day for our home, for our host city. October 9th is the Day of the Valencian Community (Día de la Comunitat Valenciana)!

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#BenvingutsValència2019 | #WelcomeValencia2019


⏳ On this day, nine months before the International Session starts and just one day before the day of the Valencian Community, we want to share with you the official Facebook page of Valencia 2019, the 90th International Session of the European Youth Parliament.

🏡 We are honoured to host this event in one of the most unique, diverse, vibrant and modern cities of Spain: Valencia, our new home.