Understanding Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina: Training for Trainers

15/11/2019 to 17/11/2019 

Understanding Europe brings peer-to-peer education to the classroom. As students are more inclined to be open to the learning procces when it is led by someone their age, the EU Crash Course is a safe environment  to discuss relevant issues in European politics. It aims to encourage youth to join the debates, create forum where the issues about EU can be freely discussed and introduce pupils to the basis of the EU and European politics.

The Crash Courses are four-hour long and take places in schools. They are conducted by Understanding Europe Trainers who will be equipped with neccessary skills on this training in order to carry out the workshops in school for the upcoming period.

The EU Crash Course is a project initiated by the Schwartzopf Foundation in 2009 that is being implemented by 190 trainers in 14 countries. The project includes courses, discussion events with youngsters, training of European multipliers and the development of materials based on questions and interests raised by young people all around Europe.

Please sign up as a trainee only if you have been selected by your coordinator. You should be able to find more details in the e-mail confirming your participation.

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