Thessaloniki 2019 - 1st Coordinators' Training of EYP Greece

in Greece

In a constant pursuit of boosting our NC’s human resources, we are organising the 1st Coordinators’ Training of EYP Greece. The training is directed to those who have participated in any EYP Greece event, have heard about the coordinatings and wish to get to know the event regardless of the region they reside in.

The training will include two main parts; in the first one, the trainees will get to know the way that coordinatings operate. In the second part, through various presentations, the trainees will get in touch with the most essential EU policies on which many of the topics in EYP sessions are based, both in the level of the International Sessions and also in smaller scale events.

Considering the practical aspect, the 1st Coordinators’ Training will be held on 22 August 2019 from 09:30 until 15:00 in Thessaloniki and more specifically in the Chamber “Manolis Anagnostakis” of the City Hall of Thessaloniki. The participants will have to pay a participation fee of 5€. Finally, because we wish to have participants form all parts of the country that there are active EYPers, participants outside of Thessaloniki will be hosted by local EYPers, in order to minimise the costs of participating.

For further information you can contact the Head Organiser, Giorgos Zachariadis, or the Head Coordinator, Christos Zois.

The Participants Form will remain open until the 20th of August. If you wish to participate you only need to click on the following link.

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