Strategy Think Tank: Education

in Turkey

Design, construct & create!

This Think Tank is the first pillar of the Strategy Think Tank, which will focus on the EYP pratices at schools in Turkey.

If you are a Turkish EYPer who is interested in discussing the differences between the formats of EYP at schools, and want to find solutions to improve the existing structure along with efficiency of these clubs, join us! In this Think Tank we will first identify the main problems and areas of possible collaboration between local schools and EYP Turkey. Then, we will come up with recommendations for future steps to be included in EYP Turkey's long-term strategy. 

Following the classic CW structure, the participants will come up with a short resolution at the end of the day. This short resolution will be discussed and voted upon during the Strategy Weekend in 2021.

The Think Tank is organised by the current Management Team and Board of EYP Turkey to get insight from active and willing members. The President and the Vice-President will be responsible for the facilitation of ongoing discussions and write the discussion report to be presented at the Strategy Weekend. 

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