Senec 2019

13/12/2019 to 15/12/2019 



There is an undeniable strength found within a collective, a union if you will.

This is what allows us to achieve what was previously considered impossible.

In the modern-day world that we find ourselves in, we must find this union.

Unfortunately, over recent years we have become divided and lost our power.

Sustainability is certainly the biggest challenge that is facing us today.

We must strike a union in order to instigate the change required.

Recent movements such as the Friday for Future campaign epitomise this.

It is now down to us, as young Europeans to create this union and sustain it.

I hope that this theme resonates with you and I am eager to see how you engage with it!

Oisín McGinley

 President of the 6th National Selection Conference of the EYP Slovakia


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