Schengen 2019 - 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg

07/04/2019 to 11/04/2019 

United for Change - Making our future the purpose of our present

Schengen 2019 - 6th National Selection Conference of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Luxembourg will take place from April 8th until April 11th 2019, in the town of Schengen, where in 1985, the Schengen Agreement was signed. It will gather over 110 young people from all around the European Union, to discuss many relevant topics which concern our youth today. The session will be lead under the organisation of Jim Riewer, Isabella Siry and their team of motivated organisers, along with the leadership team and their individual teams.

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We are thrilled to introduce to you the academics team of Schengen 2019. Lead under the presidency of Marta Sznajder and her three Vice-Presidents, these eight young individuals are an amazing addition to an already amazing team. We are looking forward to meeting and working with them on this project.

Marta Sznajder

Diogo Capelo
Gustav Dahlquist
Noel Lessinger

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Schengen 2019, the 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg, is delighted to announce that the call for National Delegates for Schengen 2019 is officially open!

When: 8th - 11th April 2019

Where: Schengen, Luxembourg

Call Deadline: Sunday 17th February 23:59 (CET)


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It is our utmost pleasure to announce to you the Jury Team of Schengen 2019. They are aiming to make the Jury Team more approachable and we could not be more happy to work with all four of them in the future.

Head of Jury
Heidi Park

Jury Members:
Andries Tjalma
Moritz Ruhstaller
Paul Stone

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It is the Organisers Team's pleasure to announce the last member of the Leadership, Ania Rejman, who will be working alongside our editress Sofie and will help her to guide the Media Team. We are looking forward to working with her as the Editorial assistant in the future!

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Francesca Tinervia

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The organisation of Schengen 2019, the 6th National Selection Conference of EYP Luxembourg, along with their President Marta, their Editor Sofie, and their Head of Jury Heidi, is proud to release the call for Chairpersons, Media Team Members, Editorial Assistants, and Jury Members. This step is the final official step towards the completion of the Officials' Team for our conference, and we can’t wait to get to meet the amazing and motivated young individuals who will join us on this journey !

Who: 3 Jury Members, 2 EAs, 7 MTMs, 7 Chairs

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Check out out lovely session which is taking place in April 2019 😍❤️ a must for everyone

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We, Head Organizers of Schengen 2019, are very proud to announce our team for the conference! They are an amazing group of young and talented individuals and we cannot wait to be able to get to work with all of them!

Head Organisers:
Jim Riewer
Isabella Rufus Siry

Core Organisers:
Janina Katy Garbo
Megan Wiggins

Sáoirse Goes
Ugnė Norkutė
Diogo Gândara
Sana Khan
Maud Wangsmo
Sabine Deletombe
Laura Dominicy
Noah Andries
Jeroen Vangeneugden
Maura Lehmann