Regional Selection Conference Haarlem 2019

13/12/2019 to 15/12/2019 

The third Regional Selection Conference in 2019-2020 will take place in Haarlem (North-Holland)

The dates will be the 13th to the 15th of December for Officials. Officials include a team of 8 chairpersons (leading 8 committees), a small media team with Editors and a small Jury team to select delegates for the National Selection Conference. A Regional Selection Conference starts on Friday for CMOJ-training. On Saturday morning, delegates arrive for a day of teambuilding and committee work. On Saturday evening, Eurovillage as well as an evening programme will take place. On Sunday, General Assembly will be held.

“We as head organisers feel a responsibility to provide an event that allows participants to learn, grow and connect to aid their understanding of EYP and encourage them to participate. We intend to do so by focusing on participant welfare and stimulating interconnectivity between officials teams and delegates to even further improve this welfare. With this, we mean to incorporate teambuilding into the schedule in such a way, that both delegates and officials feel safe and interconnected with their peers.

Other than that, we want to put more focus on making the session open internationally. This, combined with interconnectivity can allow delegates and officials alike to get to know more about other people and cultures in Europe, which is one of the key points EYP strives for. We want to do this by inviting foreign delegates to attend our session and to try and achieve a more diverse (in terms of nationality) team of officials, as well as encourage a diverse selection of topic to cater to different countries and cultures.     

Lastly, we want to have a sustainable session, both knowledge- and environmentally-like. We want to create this sustainable environment by using sustainable materials, separating waste, making the session vegetarian-only and reusing previously created (academic) materials.”

- Reinier & Elmar, Head Organisers

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Shot by Constanze Sendler and post-processed by Luís Machado

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The first Preliminary Round of 2018 is now one week behind us, while the second is only one week away!

It is time to introduce the volunteers who have been working hard to ensure the upcoming weekend will be a great one. Say hello to the Officials of Breda 2018!