Regional Selection Conference Amsterdam 2020

20/11/2020 to 22/11/2020 

"Moving into a healthier future by safeguarding rights in time of crisis"

The Regional Selection Conference in Amsterdam will take place from the 20th-22nd of November, with delegates arriving on Saturday morning. This session is part of the Dutch cycle of Regional Selection Conferences. The theme of Amsterdam 2020 will be: "Moving into a healthier future by safeguarding rights in times of crisis." At the session there is a strong focus on human rights, especially in turbulent contexts. Participants will stand up for these rights and protect and preserve them, like offering shelter under an umbrella. And conversely, our rights act as an umbrella, protecting us against unjustice. Other important elements of the conference will be personal development, inter-team unity and sustainability. 

In case you have any questions, please contact or, who are the NC board members overseeing the conference. 

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