Pryluky School Session

29/02/2020 to 01/03/2020 

Welcome to Pryluky School Session 2020!

This year EYP Ukraine launches a series of outreach events - School Sessions. EYP School Session will be a 2-day session, which focuses on introducing the concept of EYP to school students.

The vision of Pryluky SS is to place special focus on the outreach and break the boundary between teachers and students. We strive to experiment with classical EYP format that’s why during the Session we will also conduct teachers training on non-formal education strategies and ways to use them in the classroom.

The core structure of the School Session will remain the same:


Committee Work

General Assembly

Teambuilding and Committee Work will take place on the 1st day of the session, while the General Assembly will occupy the 2nd day of the session. There will also be a preparatory training for organisers, journalists and chairpersons (CJO) held 1 day before the Session. Each event will gather 40-50 delegates and about 60-70 participants in total, including teachers, officials’ team and Board representatives.

We welcome everyone to grow both personally and professionally together with EYP Ukraine in the cozy city of Pryluky, Chernihiv region!

Dates of the Session: 29.02-01.03.2020 (28.02 being CjO day)

 Head-Organiser: Andriy Korotun

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