Nordic Training Summit 2020

13/06/2020 to 14/06/2020 
in Sweden

EYP Sweden is hosting the Nordic Training Summit 2020 between the 13th and 14th of June 2020. The event was intended to take place in Malmö (SE) on the specified dates; but, given the situation posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the event will now be held on a digital platform for the benefit of the participants. The event is a result of cooperation among the National Committées (NCs) in the Nordic countries, and participants from all of them have been invited to participate. Participants include both NC Board Members and other members from the different NCs.

The Nordic Training Summit 2020 will include a training programme with the purpose of educating and inspiring the participants in taking on the varying roles as officials at sessions. The programme also incorporates an aspect of informing and providing insight in the operations of a National Board, and how members may take on roles to contribute to the development and/or running of a National Committée. Naturally, there is also an important element of strengthening the relations between the Nordic National Committées; with the hope of benefiting the network at large. 

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