Nordic Summer Summit 2021

20/08/2021 to 22/08/2021 

Tying Bonds Across Oceans

The Nordic Summer Summit is an annual training weekend organised by the Board of Nordic National Committees. This year, EYP Denmark hosts the event that will take place digitally.

The Board of Nordic National Committees was established in 2020 and consists of EYP Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Through the Nordic Summer Summit 2021, we want to strengthen the cooperation between the Nordic Boards and open our work to our general members.

The Nordic Summer Summit will not follow the tradition session concept but instead focus on preparing the volunteers of the organisation to handle their tasks in relation to future board work and sessions. The training will consist of modules, workshops, speeches, networking, and socialising. 

The first day will be open to only BNNC members, the second day to all Board members from the Nordic Boards, and the third day to all members of the Nordic NCs.

Be aware, that only participants members of Nordic NCs are accepted to the event. Nordic NC members not part of the respective boards will be able to attend trainings on Sunday the 22nd of August.

The programme will be published soon.

The event is coordinated by Mia Cecilie Pedersen (DK) in cooperation with the Danish Board.

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