National Session 2021 - 17th National Session of EYP Sweden

25/03/2021 to 27/03/2021 
in Sweden

Innovate, Adapt, Overcome - Future-proofing society

With the ongoing debate on the consequences of climate change, addressing these contemporary challenges in a pragmatic and clear way is of importance. In order to improve our chances of transforming the economy and collective lifestyles to suit the challenges of climate change, society will require swift action and innovation.

Taking this into consideration, a fundamental part of the National Session 2021 will focus on the ways communities can adapt to the climate challenges of the foreseeable future, while taking into account the differences in ability and climate vulnerability between nations.

The consequences of climate change will impact society across all sectors. Whether these challenges will primarily change our economy, agriculture, technology or culture is up for debate. Whether society will be prepared is up for discussion. Whether you will be at the National Session 2021 and help in future-proofing society is up to you.

The National Session 2021 aims to illuminate the challenges around the consequences of climate change on society, and bring youths to the table in order to enable them to affect their future in the ways that they see fit. All who participate will leave the National Session 2021 with a deeper understanding of the consequences of climate change, and carry with them the tools to assist society's future challenges.

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