Marseille 2021 - Regional Digital Session of EYP France

06/05/2021 to 09/05/2021 
in France

Human Interactions

The Great South Cluster of EYP-France is proud to announce its Regional Session in May 2021

The 4th Inter-Regional Session of Great South Committee gathering 80 participants on zoom and discord from Thursday 6th of May to Sunday 9th of May 2021.

We are honoured to announce Jade Campagne (FR) and Romane Gimenez (FR) as the Head organisers of the Session.

Here is the head organisers' vision about the on the session's theme which is Human Interactions :

"In this time of global pandemic, while fear and distrust seem to be growing between people, the social cohesion is being strained. As a consequence of social distancing measures, human relations are stretched to the limit and can quickly tip over. However, solidarity, cooperation, in France and elsewhere, seems more important than ever. How communication betweens humans - which is supposed to be inclusive and instructive - may become a source of problems or even a threat ? How to maintain social cohesion in this peculiar period ? Collaboration betweens states is the key to an efficient management of our economy in times of crisis ?  

In speaking of Bullying and school related questions (school drop-out, declining level), the ecological case and finally diplomatic ties in Europe, what is the impact of our “savoir vivre” in our daily life and how to prevent conflicts due to lack of communication  or consideration ? This session will focus on human relations and communication at all levels, the goal will be to think about the functioning of our societies and the multiple relationships that constitute them whether they are related to family, diplomacy or even environnement."


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