Malmö 2021 - 11th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

12/11/2021 to 14/11/2021 
in Sweden

Proclaiming Peace & Declaring Democracy

Malmö 2021 - 11th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden will have the virtues of democracy as its cornerstone, and invites its participants to discuss ideas on how to strengthen trust in democracy and solidarity, in Europe and around the globe. By applying the very essence of democracy: sharing ideas and expressing opinions, Malmö 2021 - 11th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden aims to spur discussion on what is needed to restore belief in democracy.

People being unable or unwilling to partake in democracy is not just an issue currently plaguing the world, but can likewise be found on our continent and in the European Union. A continuing pattern of low voter turnout in the European Parliament elections call into question the electorate's belief in the Union’s ability to work for their betterment: in everyday life, the workplace and times of crisis. Furthermore, a number of member states have shown an increasing unwillingness to respect the fundamental democratic values of free speech and judicial independence. On the other hand, the EU has shown its competence and potential with the recent pandemic relief budget, effective European bonds and the acquisition and distribution of vaccines against Covid-19. Now it is vital that the Union continues to prove its worth to all people living in the EU’s 27 Member States. In the end, it is government that works for the people - not the other way around.

- Magnus Andersson, Project Manager

Call Booklet and Session Visions:

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 11/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training.

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