Malmö 2020 - 10th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden

06/11/2020 to 08/11/2020 
in Sweden

Dawning with Tomorrow - 'Through Thick and Thin' 

Welcome to Malmö 2020 - 10th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden. 

Please note that only members of EYP Sweden, residing in Sweden, can apply to this event.  

Taking a look around the world today, it is standing before the threat of several potential global disasters. Climate change, armed conflicts, and the Covid-19 pandemic. All of these are just a few examples of causes to loss of life, fear, and poverty. At the same time, civilisation on an international scale  is aiming higher than ever before;  working incredibly hard for constant technological development, and social prosperity around the globe. However, when catastrophe strikes, there is a tendency among nations to focus internally, and forgetting about the importance of standing united through the storm. In Europe, this was clearly shown in 2015 during the recent refugee crisis, when borders closed one after the other; leaving people vulnerable and alone. Since unity is of great importance to tackle such disasters, the question of why in these times nations disperse remains an enigma. Malmö 2020 - 10th Southern Regional Session of EYP Sweden, will bring focus to the power of collaboration and the vitality of unity in meeting the eye of the storm, not least as a step in the way of ensuring that the world finds itself undivided and in peace once the disaster has passed. With diverse backgrounds and a common aim, participants will gather at Malmö 2020 to enjoy new friendships, and fruitful discussions on how to jointly meet the demands of their shared future. 

- Kaisa Lidström, Project Manager 

Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Thursday 5/11, at 12:00, for CMOJ Training. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, EYP Sweden took the decision to host the event digitally. 

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