Lund 2022 - 18th National Session of EYP Sweden

10/03/2022 to 13/03/2022 
in Sweden

We Rise By Lifting Others – Building Solidarity and Actionable Empathy

In the fight against an indiscriminate virus that knows no borders, the acute need for enhanced cooperation and solidarity is evident. No nation can stand alone against the global challenges we face, nor can an individual alone bear the burdens we collectively share. This sentiment of solidarity echoes far beyond the unique circumstances of the late COVID-19 outbreak — it is the cornerstone of fair and inclusive development cooperation. At the 18th National Selection Session of EYP Sweden, we will harness the lessons of a global pandemic and heed the wake-up call for solidarity. 

Integral to the life-saving response plans of governments and NGOs during the COVID-19 pandemic, we each shared the responsibility to protect and aid the most vulnerable individuals in our communities at the expense of our personal comforts and desires. As one of the three central principles powering the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, “Leave No One Behind” urges us to continually focus on the vulnerable and marginalised individuals in our societies, at both national and international levels. In practice, this core value calls for us to combat the discrimination and inequalities that disempower individuals and leave them behind. 

At Lund 2022, young Europeans will be given a platform to reflect on their own lived experiences and anchor them to the collective experiences of many. We will look at global challenges through the lens of intersectionality and, most importantly, derive solutions that show consideration for those furthest behind. 

- Nika Aghajani, Project Manager


Officials are expected to arrive at the session on Wednesday 9/3, for CMOJ Training.

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