Leadership Training Event of EYP Turkey

05/05/2018 to 06/05/2018 
in Turkey

We are more than happy to declare "Leadership Training Event of EYP Turkey" which will take place in Istanbul between the dates of 5-6th May 2018!

Develop your leadership skills for EYP and beyond. This training event isn’t just about how to be a better chairperson, or how to lead a specific team in EYP, instead, this training weekend will focus on developing you as a leader. To achieve this goal, the team of trainers won’t just be EYPers, it will also consist of professionals who work as leaders in their field, making sure that everything you learn will serve you beyond EYP.

Over two days, the training event will consist of a variety of different modules that aim to stretch your leadership skills or perspective and bring a higher level of self-awareness. With more than one module taking place at any one time, you will be able to cater your training experience to your specific needs and interests. The event is open to both Turkish and International members of the EYP community who have had a previous experience in an EYP session. Trainees will be selected based on experience and motivation.


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